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THIS is why no one’s buying your coaching program - Amy Williams

THIS is why no one’s buying your coaching program

So — here you are. 

Qualified, passionate and ready to start creating the transformations you know you can offer with your coaching program. 

Except… No one’s biting. 

Weird. You know the market’s there because of how many of your competitors seem to be downright THRIVING according to their feeds. 

So you put out even more information. You flood social media and start direct messaging anyone who seems to fit your ideal client avatar. 

And still — nothing. 

Time to give up? Not until you read this, sis!

The BIG secret to selling your coaching program — or ANYTHING, for that matter… 

Without even looking at it, I’d put money on your current feed looking a little bit like this: 

  • Post after post talking about what your clients will get in your package — maybe the number of sessions, how many worksheets they’ll need to work on, if they can have any other contact with you outside of those sessions?
  • Posts talking about the benefits of your program — what skills they’ll develop throughout their time with you, what situation they’ll be in once they’re finished 
  • Then, for the human element, cat pics, the occasional meme, and your Friday night gin and tonic to wind down from another week 

I’m close — right? (I know because this used to be me!)

If you’re nodding your head, I’m going to be blunt. 

I’m not surprised no one’s buying. 

Repeat after me: No one cares about me, my business, or my programs. 

That’s it. The big secret you’ve been missing.

That’s harsh! Now what? 

I know, I know — if no one cares, you have no hope. 

Not true! 

In fact, rather than seeing this as demotivating — I see this as one of the most empowering things you can ever learn when it comes to marketing. Once you understand how the mind works, you know how to talk about what you do in a way that your clients WILL care about. 

The answer? 

People only care about themselves. 

I’m not saying you don’t love your mum, but on a deep, psychological level, we are wired to look out for our own interests. 

So — when we read anything, we are ALWAYS thinking: what’s in this for me?

Your turn

Now you know the secret, it’s time to take another look at your copy. 

Hopefully, you can now see why talking about the features and benefits of your program or services won’t get you the sales you’re after.

We need to think about what they MEAN in relation to your ideal client. 

For example, a certain number of sessions with you could mean that they move through this transformation feeling safe, supported, and accountable. 

The key to this process is to focus on how they will FEEL. 

How do they feel now, before starting the transformation? Are they in pain, are they unhappy, are they frustrated? Are they falling short of their dreams? 

How would they feel once they’ve created the transformation? Will it change their lives? 

What do they stand to lose or risk if they don’t work with you to create the change?

Woman having coffee in bed pursuing instagram growth

To sum up

There you have it — my golden rule for creating copy to go on just about any social media channel, website or marketing materials. 

It’s not about you. It’s all about THEM. You only come in when you’re demonstrating why it’s YOU that is the best-placed person to help them make the change, through qualifications, experience in your field or having lived through this exact transformation yourself. 

So — give it a go, and see what sort of traction you’ll start to get with this brand new marketing mindset. 

I’d LOVE to know if this helped you — let me know in the comments! 

Amy x

PS. If you’d love even more help with writing copy that makes you a MAGNET to your ideal client, head over to The Content Kit where I’m giving away ALL of my knowledge for just £9 until 15 May 2020!

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