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This 1 Thing Could Double Down On Your Instagram Growth - Amy Williams

This 1 Thing Could Double Down On Your Instagram Growth

You’ve seen them all before — countless blog posts and digital freebies claiming to have the secret ingredients to truly connecting with your ideal client and promising genuine Instagram growth. 

Did they teach you anything new, or are they still sitting in the depths of your inbox gathering dust?

Or — did it feel like there was something missing?

Why focus on Instagram growth?

Digital marketing is the most powerful tool we’ve ever had to get the message out to our ideal clients — and Instagram is my personal favourite when it comes to health and fitness businesses. 

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • The visual nature of the platform makes it the perfect place to illustrate the physical and mental transformation that you’re offering to your clients (which is the message that will make them buy!) 
  • People come to Instagram looking to be inspired and for escapism — meaning they’re totally open to brand storytelling 
  • The different posting options such as the feed, Stories, and IGTV make it really easy for you to bring all of the different areas of your brand to life 
  • The community and social interactions on every post mean you can build insane social proof 
  • Brilliant ads manager with tons of different options to help you achieve your campaign objectives 

So — are you ready to build your audience of raving fans and take your business to the next level?

The Instagram Growth Formula








The key points you mention to show the value of your offer

How aesthetically pleasing your posts are to your ideal client

Time spent genuinely interacting with other users

The type of posts you use to communicate your messages

Now, think back to those lead magnets you downloaded X years ago — I’ll bet they focussed on the first three topics — but not style

The harsh truth is, you could nail the first three and be stunting your channel. Without style, your message could be falling flat.

So — are you ready to build your audience of raving fans and take your business to the next level?

How To Find Your Style

Here are the steps I walk through with my clients when helping them to develop their own unique style. You’ll need a coffee and a pen and paper for this one! 


1. Think of the top 10 people whose content you enjoy the most on Instagram and write them down. 

2. Now, for each account, note down how they make you feel when you spend time on their content. Are there any similarities?

3. Do you feel like you can relate to any of them? 

4. Which type of posts do you like the most? Do they focus more on their lifestyle, do they ask questions, do they post pictures of themselves, or do they focus more on quotes? 

5. Think back — how did you first find their accounts? Was it through the explore section, did you first hear about them on Pinterest, did someone recommend them to you, or did they collaborate with another account you follow?


1. Choose 5 accounts that are also serving your niche and write them down. These could be competitors or different types of brands with a similar ideal client to you. 

2. Have  a quick browse of their content — what themes do they seem to be following? Have they identified any pain points that you could draw on in your posts to make them even more powerful?

3. Work through their content from the last couple of months and save any posts that got an abnormally high number of likes or comments.  

4. Review all of these posts and for each one, note down the type of image they used and then the type of copy that went with it. Are they mostly competition posts, are they looking to inspire, are they collaboration posts?

Woman having coffee in bed pursuing instagram growth

Note down the different styles of posts that resonate from both sections and simply rinse and repeat! Think about the feeling that keeps you and other people coming back for more and always have that in mind when you’re writing your posts. 

This truly is GOLD and will help you take the fast track to Instagram growth as you’ll be delivering your content in the style that people want to see it — meaning more engagement, more follows, more brand authority, and more repeat sales. 

To sum up

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If someone else it crushing it in your niche or there are certain types of posts that you can’t help but engage with, it’s time to take note and use what works to get your message out to the people who NEED to hear it. 

I’d LOVE to know if you try this experiment — let me know in the comments or head over to Instagram and let’s chat.

PS. If you feel like you need some help with your messaging (and learning my trade secrets on how to write posts that actually convert into sales), head over to The Content Kit where I’m teaching EVERYTHING I know for just £9 until 15th May 2020!

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It’s time to become a magnet to your ideal client.

Grab a coffee and let’s get started!