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3 Tools I Use Every Day in my Coaching Business - Amy Williams

3 Tools I Use Every Day in my Coaching Business

If you asked them, my friends would tell you I’m type A.

I’m one of those girls that’s got a spreadsheet for everything, itemised lists and carefully planned itineraries — and that’s before anyone even mentions the word ‘business’. 

So, it’s no surprise that as a self-employed coach who does almost EVERYTHING in her biz on her own, I needed some top-notch tools, programs and strategies to keep everything under control. 

Here are my top 3 that I absolutely could NOT live without! 

1. Google Calendar

Once a devout lover of beautiful diaries and endless to-do lists, I recently made the move to go completely virtual. 

I won’t lie — I still melt over the sight of a Papier notepad and am still a hoarder of all things stationery — but this has been a gamechanger for my business. 

My Sunday afternoon ritual is to set my goals for the week ahead and plan my week out using Google Calendar, plotting in all of my tasks and being realistic about the amount of time I think it will take me. 

Gone are the days of having a double-sided to-do list only to carry everything over to the next day/week/month! 

As well as knowing I’ve carved out enough time to allow me to make congruent progress towards what I want to achieve, I also colour code my activities into different categories, such as; personal development, client work and calls, Amy Williams Creative work, and socialising/downtime. 

After experiencing a mental breakdown last year after working myself into the ground (that’s a story for another day!), I make it my mission to be super diligent about maintaining balance. The different colours make it super obvious right away if it’s out of whack! 

2. Trello

Now — I didn’t say that I’d given up on lists completely! 

I use Trello for pretty much everything when I need to keep a list — whether it’s ideas for Instagram posts or Stories, new blog posts, ideas for my clients or jobs to do around the home. 

I also share Trello boards with each of my clients, minimising email traffic (goodbye inbox overwhelm!) and keeping everything in one place — whether it’s documents, notes, images or links. 

3. Whatsapp

My clients will tell you that I’m pretty anti-email. 

I don’t know what it is — I just find them slow and outdated. I know that if inspiration hits for me or my clients, we want to talk about it right now — not wait until someone has a chance to run through everything they’ve received that morning. 

Whatsapp just feels that bit more personal, and that’s a huge thing I like to bring forward for my clients. Our relationship needs to be an open, creative space and the less stuffy things feel, the better it works. 

Cue a Whatsapp audio note from me landing on my clients’ phone right about now 😂

Woman having coffee in bed pursuing instagram growth

To sum up

Simple — but effective. I couldn’t be without them in the day to day running of Amy Williams Creative! 

I’m always on the hunt for new and useful tools, so if you have any recommendations, I am alllll ears.  

Let me know in the comments or connect with me on Instagram

Amy x

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