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30 Motivational Quotes for Sassy Female Entrepreneurs - Amy Williams

It’s week 7 of the Coronavirus lockdown here in the UK this Monday. 

That’s seven weeks of not being able to hug loved ones, wearing masks to do your weekly shop and looking forward to your dog walk as the only way to get out of the house. 

It’s also seven weeks of communities coming together on Thursday evenings to applaud our beloved NHS and the incredible key workers putting their lives on the line to look after us, pollution levels getting lower by the day and appreciating precious moments with our friends and family so much more than we did before.

This week’s round-up of motivational quotes for ambitious, confident and driven girlbosses will hopefully give you that extra little smile or drive to get it DONE and take the next step forward in your business. 

Let’s go! 

Designing a life I love
Fall in love with the process
I built me.
Following dreams, not boyfriends.
Self made quote graphic
Coffee in one hand quote graphic
I've decided to be the girl who just went for it quote graphic
I'm doing it for me quote graphic
I can and will quote graphic
Going with the idea quote graphic
Completely in love with the woman I am becoming quote graphic
Don't ignore your own potential quote graphic
Bad vibes don't go with my outfit
Maybe swearing will help quote graphic
Exhale the bullshit quote post
No regrets quote graphic
Be kind quote graphic
Never apologise quote graphic
Breathe and remember who the fuck you are quote graphic
Talk to yourself quote graphic
Be on your own side quote graphic
So grateful quote graphic
Old ways won't open new doors quote graphic
Life is tough quote graphic
What's coming is better than what's gone quote graphic
You are amazing quote graphic
Visualize quote graphic
Prove them wrong quote graphic
You didn't come this far quote graphic
Well behaved women quote graphic

I’d love to know which one is your favourite or if there are any themes you’d like to see in the next few weeks!

Amy x

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